Volunteer Role: Controller

Volunteer Role: Controller

Who are they?
Controller are the first point of contact for each job. They speak to the NHS hospital teams, get the details of what needs to be moved, liaises with the riders and monitors the rider progress to ensure they are safe.

What do they do?
A controller is based from their home or anywhere where they are free to take and receive phone calls and login to the Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes files.

At the start of a shift the duty number is forwarded to the controllers phone enabling them to receive calls from the NHS and other health agencies. After taking down details of the job they will phone the rider on shift and pass on details of the delivery / pick-up needed.. They then wait for the rider to finish the job, return home safety and sign off again. While the controllers need to be awake it’s a sleeping shift, you only need to get up if there is a call and stay awake for as long as the rider is out.

We use a commercial phone system that redirects a number to your chosen land line / mobile and also allows you to make calls out. This ensures you don’t have to give out your personal number and you’re not charged for any calls you make for us while on shift.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for anyone who can confidently speak on the phone to other people, no previous experience is necessary as training and support is given.

If you are interested please contact the supporters secretary for a chat and they will get an application form over to you. Email is supporters@lrbloodbikes.org.uk