Members Area – Chairman’s Update


Hello all Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes members,

Following several months of ad-hoc support activities to our hospital teams, and the cancellation of deliveries to the Air Ambulance team at East Midlands Airport, we have returned to something of a more normal and regular pattern.

We no longer carry out specific movements of Covid-19 samples and the Air Ambulance transport activities commenced again in July.

Following on from a fantastic response from our volunteers in getting rota slots filled, we now begin to face one of our “old enemies” . . . .  forgetfullness or inertia of our volunteers to book shifts. Hence, our rota manager is now having to send out multiple requests to all volunteers to help fill urgent gaps in the rota. I can only urge all our volunteers to please try and regular try and book a shift well in advance so we spare the repeated reminders to our group. How many shifts do we expect? We have never had a rule, but I would say if you are a rider / driver and are NOT booking a shift around once per month then possibly it is right to question why you want to be a driver / rider in the group. Once per month is not a rule, but it is a good pointer. Some, I know, need to take a temporary step back due to a number of circumstances, but we have quite a few members who have done no shifts for some time and have no shifts booked into the future. Thanks if you can try and book head.

Financial support is something we are watching very closely. All fund raising events have been cancelled since last March and we are not aware of any starting in the forseeable future. We are running to some extent on our “reserves” which is fine for quite some months, but we do not need to watch the numbers and plan fund raising as soon as it is possible.

I hope you and your families are staying safe and well.

Thanks all

Ollie Cufflin
(Group Chairman)