The Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes General Committee is made up of:

Oliver Cufflin (Chairman) –
Ollie is responsible for the group as a whole, making sure we achieve what we set out to do and trying to keep us moving in the right direction.

Paul Johnson (Membership Secretary) –
Aimee Hurst (Membership Secretary) –

Paul & Aimee look after the new members joining and organising their internal process and ‘paperwork’ training

Ebrahim Ahmed (Treasurer) –
Ebrahim looks after the finances and banking activities.

Richard Collyer (Operations Manager) –
Richard is responsible for day to day operational issues and all things related to our vehicle fleet. In addition Richard manages our our rotas and chases various paperwork topics.

Andy Bryant (Deputy Operations Manager) –
Andy is supporting the operational side of the group alongside Richard. There are many little “bits and pieces” that need managing to keep the vehicles rolling and Andy is there to help get it all running as smoothly as possible

Jonathan Bostock  (Media Co-ordinator) –
Jonathan is working to keep our media interfaces (facebook / web pages and the like) active with current news and information.
If you have any pictures or news that you think would be useful to include on the media platforms please email Jonathan and let him know your ideas.

Elaine Bivins  (Events Co-ordinator) –
Elaine is heading up our fund raising events team. If you have any ideas for future events, or feedback on recent events please drop a mail to the events team.
If you would be willing to host an event, or are running a gala, fete and the like and would like Leicestershire and Rutland Blood Bikes to be at your event please get in touch with the team.

Elaine Bivins  (collection ‘tins’ at venues) –
As well as organising our events Elaine also looks after our yellow collection “tins” getting them into coffee shops, retail outlets, pubs and the like. Elaine and the team visit locations willing to host a “tin” and make sure the tin is collected when full. If you are interested in having a collecting tin on our behalf at your venue please drop us an email and Elaine will get in touch with you

Ges Martin (Milk Bank team) – 
Ges leads our work with the Birmingham Women’s Hospital and supports the collection and delivery of donated breast milk.  If you have any queries about this part of our work drop Ges an email.
Alternatively any mothers interested in donating milk can contact Birmingham Women’s Hospital on 0121 623 6870 and talk to them about how they organise donating and collections. Web site for the hospital is 

Elaine Bivins (Schools Team)
Elaine is leading and arranging visits to schools in Leicestershire and Rutland to share the news about our group and explain to children what a Blood Bike group does.
If you would like them to be part of an assembly or a school project then drop them a mail and they will get in touch with you